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Five Content Trends for 2019

So January is over, inboxes are cleared and the Christmas hump has come to an end…it’s time to schedule your content for 2019. We at Ranch Creative give the lowdown on five content trends that we expect to see big growth in over the rest of the year.

Brand Storytelling

Lifestyle industries can be a suffocating place for your content to be swallowed up and ignored, and brands are aware they need to tap into the emotive attraction of their brand rather than what it says on the tin. Storytelling narratives in campaigns and particularly film is a great way to bring across the enthusiasm of customers, and emotive benefits of products. Our latest campaign with Frame fitness studios was less about the variety of classes they deliver and their subscription model, but rather the feeling ‘Framers’ get from being part of the community at the studio.

Pro Film for Instagram

You don’t need us to tell you about the explosion of micro influencers in 2018 on Instagram. Brands are finding it better value for money to market products through influencer’s channels than other traditional routes. We have seen a significant increase in requests for high quality content for sponsored posts and expect this trend to continue so that influencers become attractive to brands, not just because of the number in their followers column, but also because of the quality of their content. Below is a recent sponsored campaign we shot for Sport FX and @monaeyesbeauty

360 photography

Another uptrend we’ve noticed in our inboxes here at The Ranch is for 360 film and photography. The heavy reliance on Google Street View and the accessibility to 360 hardware and software has created an explosion of self published 360 content. It’s well supported be Facebook and we expect to see this trickled down to Instagram very soon. 360 photography is a great way to show off space in hotels, restaurants, gyms, retreats, on location etc. and adds variety to your existing content.

Virtual Reality/360 film

Motion pictures is where the 360 format really shines. We’ll convert any 360 content for VR viewing, or it sits nicely on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo for an immersive, “I was there” experience that regular video simply cannot achieve. This is particularly useful for streaming live events to broaden your reach when hosting events. Check out this awesome vid of NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s final game. You can taste the sweat off the floorboards!

Consumer drone film

Drones have seen rapid growth over the last 5 years, and got some pretty bad press of late! But technology and price points have lined up to give the consumer and prosumer markets genuine options for some incredible tech that would fit into any backpack when it comes to drones. Our favourite is the DJI Mavic Air, we always have one with us wherever we’re shooting, for that awesome establishing shot! Spot the aerial shot in this film we shot for Culthread London.