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How Sound Elevates Your Video Content

If you have 3 minutes and 15 seconds spare right now, watch and LISTEN to this iconic lobby scene from The Matrix. Get’s the blood pumping right? Apart from the beautifully choreographed directing, it’s the wonderful sound design and soundtrack that tie this together perfectly. It’s as if the editing listens to the music, this is no mistake.

We wanted to take you on this trip down the rabbit hole to explain that attention to how your video content sounds is just as important as how it looks. At Ranch Creative we take a 3 pronged approach to delivering exceptional audio.

1. Music

Almost every video project will involve some kind of requirement for licensed music and we have solutions to fit all budgets, from budget friendly stock audio all the way to original music creation specifically for your brand, including jingle and audio sting design.

Our in-house music studio, headed up by sound engineer Mitch Ayling, has developed and created bespoke audio for international ad campaigns for household names like Amazon & Coca-Cola.

When getting original sound created for your project isn’t appropriate, we lean on our network of high quality licensing platforms to offer high quality music at excellent value, all the while ensuring that the correct licensing is purchased relevant to the video’s use.

The audio selection can be made either by us, or in consultation with the client before any licensing is purchased. All our selections are carefully thought through with the audience and subject matter in mind.

2. SFX

We have a full and extensive library of sound effects ready to elevate your project. We think this video sums up how much thought goes into sound design, and how it can help transport your viewer.

3. Field Recording

Sometimes it’s better for us to capture the audio from the production day itself, particularly if we have people talking on screen. Whether this is using lapel or boom mics, we’ll have a dedicated sound engineer on set looking after this, ready to drop into your project.

Missfits BTS Ranch-33.jpg

Adding the Ranch sauce.

These are the ingredients, it’s just as important to look after how these all come together. Every project is looked over by a sound engineer before going out, ensuring we are delivering only the best quality audio. Questions about your sound design for your next project? Holler us here…

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